About Frosty

The Frosty Why

Some companies boast about their medicinal qualities. Others talk you through the production process – we’re a little different. The reason you’re here is to get Frosty while enjoying the tastiest sweet edibles around.
Our focus is to bring chilled vibes, uplift your life, and make sure you always have a good time. In-depth research, development and testing, and our commitment to producing the best Delta 9 gummies set us apart from the rest. Using only premium, American-grown hemp and Delta 9 oil, we’ve developed a high potency usually reserved for medicinal patients.
But don’t worry, the feds won’t be knocking at your door – these gummies are completely legal and farm bill compliant.

Our Commitment To You & The Planet

Unlike others, we don’t pack our edibles with nasty, harmful ingredients – that’s a no-go for us. Every Frosty gummy is 100% vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and cruelty-free because we care about you and the planet.
Wherever possible, we use organic natural ingredients to reduce our environmental impact and keep nasty toxins, pesticides, and fertilizers out of your body.

Whole Heartedly American

We’re as American as a frosted donut, and so is our hemp. No matter the item you purchase, we guarantee it’s made with only American-grown hemp. More specifically, we’re proudly based out of the midwest, so wherever possible, we support local farmers by purchasing hemp from premium farms in western states.
Here in the US, farmers have strict quality regulations to follow, enabling them to produce a higher quality product than international growers. Here at Frosty, we’ve selected those who provide the most potent, tasty, and safe Delta 9 we’ve ever experienced.

It’s Time To Get Frosty

Ok, we’re done with the formalities. Let’s get you hooked up with some tasty Delta 9 gummies.