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Delta 9 THC Indica Gummies - Berry Swirl

Delta 9 THC Indica Gummies - Berry Swirl

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500 mg Per Bag
25 mg THC : 20 mg CBD Per Gummy : 5 mg CBN – 10 Gummies
Easily Divisible By 1/4ths For Easy Dosing
6.25mg THC : 5mg CBD : 1.25mg CBN per 1/4th Gummy
Indica Terpenes Infused

Dispensary Grade
Potent & Long Lasting
Vegan & Cruelty-Free | No Animal Gelatin
Made from 100% Organic & US Grown Hemp
Farm Bill Compliant : < 0.3% ∆9THC

It's time to drift off with our amazing berry vanilla and hint of lavender for an amazing experience. We infused this gummy with indica strain terpenes and 25mg of rapid-acting THC, and 20mg of CBD and 5mg of CBN and terpenes like mycerne, linalool for a calming, soothing and restful vibe.

Prepare for your mind, body, and soul to be elevated – are you ready to feel like you're floating on clouds?

*NOTE: We do not ship to Idaho for legality reasons.

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